Goggles: Eagle Force Returns
Hands: Boss Fight Studios Stygian Warrior
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I'm not much of a DIC G.I.Joe fan. The stories were infantile and the animation quality and voice talent was piss-poor. Having said that, I believe there were a few bright spots. Chris Latta's Cobra Commander was great. I appreciated the fact that DIC used other Joes than just Duke and Scarlett. Operation: Dragonfire is another bright spot. And I think the best character in that mini-series is Low-Light. This version of Low-Light is clearly based on the Slaughter's Marauders Low-Light, but it has been simplified.
I got some BFS Stygian Warrior hands because the color of those gloves were close to the animated Low-Light gloves, but - dang - are they small! And getting ANYTHING in his hands is a losing battle.

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