Helmet: Custom Cast Part
Football: Custom Cast Part
Rifle: Dollar Tree Final Faction Accessory Pack
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

My original Capt. Grid-Iron (listed as "Captain Grid Iron" on this site) was never really good. I made it several years ago and, at that time, I was satisfied with the final product, but over the years, I've become less than okay with that version.
So, in the hopes of improving Capt. Grid-Iron, I have changed a couple items. I modified his helmet by taking away the small vertical crossbar in the middle of the face mask. I thought the shape of it was silly and deemed it unnecessary. Then I added a small piece of acetate to the face mask to disguise the fact that the helmet doesn't really fit all that well on the chosen head.
The torso and arms have been updated to the new Marauders Task Force woodland-camouflaged "Ambush-Ops" torso. I repainted the vest with a green wash to give it just a tad more detail in the wrinkles. My previous Captain Grid Iron had a couple of black footballs on his backpack to emulate the football grenades of the vintage figure, but I have grown disappointed with the effect. I decided to paint one of the footballs and relocate the item to his leg. I suppose it's a real football now...whatever. Lastly, I gave him a more sci-fi looking weapon.

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