Figure: The Officer- Jim Halpert as Goldenface
Glasses: The Baroness (Super 7)
Jacket: Raiders of the Lost Ark- Toht


Michael Coldsmith Briggs III was the go-between between The Firm and the crew of Airwolf (reimagined for this project as the "Wolfhowl", a fusion of Airwolf and the ROC Howler). He provided the missions for the team.


The costume worn by actor Alex Cord was an all-white three piece suit. This was topped with special one-black-lens-only glasses, in lieu of what could have been an eyepatch.

This is my first Super 7 custom. A removable suit jacket and articulated knees are all I'd really need to make me happy with a suit figure. But that's not Super 7's schtick, so you get what you get.

Here I'm taking some liberties and doing some updating. The three piece suit is just a... two piece suit (is that what they're called?), but with a jacket.

The jacket doesn't really make sense, I just wanted an excuse to use a Toht jacket and this is the first chance I had.

Colors & Paint:

The mustache is just painted on (no sculpting). Another change is shifting the shirt to light grey instead of white, which allows for better contrast/photography.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Toht jacket's sleeves were dropped/extended, and its belt lowered to better fit the proportions of the Super 7 body.

Thanks for looking.

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