Head: DCIH- Commissioner Gordon
Torso: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Upper arms: Star Wars- Clone Trooper???
Lower arms: Iron Man- Inferno Mission Iron Man
Hands: Star Wars- Luke (farmboy)
Waist, legs: Star Wars- Han Solo
Feet: ROC Mars Trooper
Chest straps: Resolute Snake-Eyes?
Push molds from Resolute Cobra Trooper vest
Helmeted head: NS Tunnel Rat helmet over Marvel- IMIM head w mask from NS Duke helmet added


When my nephew was five or so, he had an Imaginext Batcave. Among his Imaginext figures was an unnamed bat, which I assumed was part of the Batcave set. It turned out to be an Imaginext vampire bat, but not a DC figure. But wherever the bat figure came from, it still needed a name. We decided on "Dirtwing", because it sounded funny and stupid. I liked the name enough to put it on my list of future codenames and just waited until the right parts spoke to me.


Only a Dreadnok would have a name as stupid as Dirtwing. The nice thing about Dreadnok designs is that anything goes, ranging from Zartan's sleek techno-futuristic to Road Pigs' Mad Max insanity to Storm Rider's outlaw biker. The design is a mishmash of parts to look like something made in a garage, with a bit of firepower built around the arms.

The helmet feature a prominent sculpted Cobra logo. Given that the Dreadnoks routinely convert Joe and Cobra vehicles into their arsenal, removing the sculpted logo alone is something they might not even bother with.

Colors & Paint:

Cohesive uniforms generally aren't the way of the Dreadnoks. Dirtwing, being a pilot, is probably a bit more orderly than his fellow bikers, and wears a customized flight suit pulling from the colors of the Swampfire.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The pouches are push molds.

Thanks for looking.

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