Head: ARAH Chuckles
Chest/Back: ARAH Laser Viper V2
Arms, waist, legs: ARAH Ace V1
Helmet: Keychain Pilot


In the Sunbow cartoon Ace's uniform had similar arms and legs to the ARAH figure, but the chest/back looked different. The Laser Viper V2 (Sci-Fi) chest is closer to the cartoon artwork.

I can't take credit for the use of the Laser Viper (originally Sci-Fi V2) chest/back. That goes to bvance74 of hisstank.com who suggested its use to another board member back in 2010. Jimbotron's brother also used a near identical recipe and it looked solid. My only addition to the recipe is using the Chuckles head, which looks closer to the animation design than the actual Ace head.


Based on the Sunbow cartoon, which also featured Ace with an olive complexion and darker hair. The toy design is much more complex than the cartoon design, so I took the green from the harness straps and expanded it to other areas to balance out the elements.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Chuckle's spirt curl was removed and the top of the head resculpted to look like the Sunbow hair style. The shoulder, elbows, and thigh screw insets are all epoxy filled/smoothed. The helmet doesn't properly fit the helmet because it's oddly shaped- something I couldn't really improve. So the mask is fixed hanging to the side, with the oversized attachment posts removed.

Thanks for looking.

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