xHeadx- Scalpel
xChestx- B.A.T. v4
xArmsx- Swamp Rat
xLegsx- Swamp Rat

xBladesx- Swamp Rat
xSniper Riflex- Barrel Roll

xThis was a fairly simple custom as far as putting all the pieces togeather went. The thing I like the most bout this custom is the paint job, the BAT v4 chest has a lot of detail in it that gets lost in regular paint scheme. I tried to paint every detail of the chest I could, and I think it turned out pretty BA. Also check out the arms of Swamp Rat, I couldn't let those tubes go to waste so each one is a differnt color.x

Geist is a proffesional, the kind of guy you hire, send on his mission, and then read about the results during the 6 o'clock news. Very little is known about him other than he's from somewhere in Europe, most likely Germany, he has military training, and anyone who probes into his past turns up in the Obit section of the paper.
Geist has only two rules when it comes to his work:
1. Once a mission is started it cannot be altered or terminated in anyway...
2. If you do try to alter the terms of a contract or cheat him you become a target...
One of the things that makes Geist stand out from the rest of the freelance sector is his ability to get the job done from any range under any conditions. If you need your target sliced from navel to neck, or if you need a target put down from half a mile, either way Geist is your man.

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