xHeadx- Wild Bill
xChestx- Cross Hair
xUpper Armsx- Cross Hair
xLower Armsx- Cross Hair
xWaistx- Cross Hair
xThighsx- Cross Hair
xFeetx- Frostbite

xCyclex- Toys R' Us cheapo two pack

xTried a little black wash on some of the parts on the chest and legs. Think it turned out ok. I know a ton of people have used Cross Hair in just about every combination, but I think my parts and paint make him stand out a bit. Also one of my first attempts at mixing darker skin tonex

WholeShot is really a nice guy, he just happens to be a nice guy that runs with the wrong crowd. To be honest it's not even his fault, he used to be known as Taylor Stover, up and coming Motocross star. That is until his brother, Marcus, made a bet with some Dreadnoks and ended up owing them quite a large sum of cash. Feeling it was his fault because the bet was on a race he lost, WholeShot signed on as a Nok smuggler to pay his brothers debt. Though he hates what he does he does take some pride knowing that not a single Joe, Cobra, or Dreadnok can catch him when he's on his pride and joy, his bike Ruth.

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