xHeadx- Heavy Duty
xChestx- Nunchuk
xArmsx- Grunt (modified)
xLegsx- Agent Faces

xSledgeHammerx- Toys R' Us random
x4 wheelerx- Toys R' Us cheapo two pack

xNothing really fancy here except for the paint and some small mods. First the paint, this was another of my attempts at darker skin color and I think this one turned out great. I did a wash with a slightly darker skin color and it really brought out the detail in the chest and arms. The face ( I HATE painting faces!) also turned out pretty well and gotta love the skulls and cross bones on the gloves. Mods were easy, took the pouches off the Grunt arms, added some sculpy to the hands for fingerless gloves and bam there ya goX

Kickstart is what you could call a man with the mind of a child and the heart of a hells angel. He's completely emersed himself in the Nok lifestyle after joining the gang with his brother, WholeShot, to pay off a debt. In his old life he was just an ATV mechanic named Marcus Stover, with an older brother who was becoming a star. Now as Kickstart he's an ATV mechanic who also keeps the peace amoung the other Dreadnoks. Not that he actually cares about peacefull resolutions, Kickstart just loves to crack skulls and break arms with anyone stupid enough to try him. He's been known to run all the way across camp to listen to a yelling match just so he can step in an thrash both sides regardless of what the fight is actually about. With his hammer in hand and his ATV Emma, Kickstart runs with the tuffest and meanest Noks he can.

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