xHeadx- Flint
xChestx- Sgt. Stalker
xArmsx- Duke
xLegsx- Duke

xShotgunx- BBI weapons pack

xI know this recipe has been used before, but that didn't stop me from throwing one of these bad mofo Flints togeather. Pretty easy custom all-in-all, plus it has great flexability because of all the Duke parts. Just add a BBI shotgun and you're all setx

xFlint is a shotgun carring, beret wearing, @$$ beater. After joining the Joes many of his teammates thought of him as shallow and more than a little self centered, but after seeing him in action against Cobra they quickly forgot all about that. Now that he's found the love of his life, Lady Jay, Flint is a fairly content man. Just give him a shotgun, his Lady Bird, and some Cobras to stomp and he's one happy Green Beretx

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