Head: Comic pack Daina (modified with the top of JVC Baroness v1 head).

Arms: Baroness ARAH

Legs: Quick Kick

Waist and Torso: I don't remember.

Why I made it: After hearing 3 3/4" Joes were dead (and before Hasbro announced they'd be selling our Joes online), I decided to make Bongo, believing at the time there would be no more comic packs.

How: I had to thin down the torso, arms and legs with an exacto-knife and/or saw. Then I added the fur with sculpey. I chose the Quick Kick legs because that was the only set I had with exposed toes.
I chose Daina's head because I associated all other heads with other characters, but had to saw off the hat she was wearing. I chose the top of the Baroness' head because it was otherwise worthless, and the part in the hair closely matched. I chose not to give Candy either the blonde afro she originally sported or the long hair with Pat Benatar headband because they both looked dated. I instead kept it at a happy medium.

The mask was sculpted totally by me. I tried to match it as closely as possible with the comics.

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