This Viper Sergeant was made using a Comic Pack Cobra Commander as a base for the entire body. The head was replaced with a cast of ARAH Undertow. The Helmet is a cast ARAH Viper helmet.

All attached gear was taken from dollar store figures and adhered to the body. None are removable. Paint wash and light weathering added to enhance detail.

I've always loved the classic Cobra Viper mold, but often thought about increasing variety within the ranks. As much as I can appreciate row after row of identical soldiers, adding a bit of variation and individuality makes for more interesting dioramas. In addition to varying the lower ranks of troopers, I always thought there should be a variation in Viper design denoting Officer status.

This figure was an experiment in creating a Viper officer that maintained the basic look of the Viper while bringing some new elements to the table. I also wanted to see if I could find uses for the extra Comic Pack Cobra Commander figures I had. As an experiment, it was very satisfying, but ultimately the result was not quite the definitive version I'd hoped to make for myself. The figure didn't feel streamlined enough for a futuristic combat soldier and the shoulder mounted knife interfered with his head articulation.

I like the final result and enjoyed shooting these pictures, but plan to revisit the concept of Viper Officer soon.

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