Colonel Sanders
Head: Muskrat v.3
Body: Chap Mei camera man
Hands: DTC Barrell Roll
Feet: SHS Ghost Rider
Glasses: Imperial Procession Baroness
Suit: scrapbook stuff
Cane: styrene and kneadtite

Colonel Sanders was most well known as the spokesman for Kentucky Fried Chicken before he passed away...or so we thought. He made a big headlining return in the JoeCustoms Wrestling league as the owner/operator of the Colonel Sanders Snack Shack where he provides fans and wrestlers alike with great eats at affordable prices.

The Colonel started off as a joke character that took on a life of his own. He's a huge fan of JCW and dispenses his knowledge and recipes in a Foghorn Leghorn style. Next up for me Jack in the Box.

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