Head: Baroness
Body: DVD Baroness

Goggles/Respirator: DVD Baroness w/ McQuarrie Female Luke Breathmask glued on

I love doing simple headswaps like this. My friend Jed sent me a bunch of spare parts and an extra Scuba Baroness. I thought I wouldn't like the figure very much, but was really surprised how much better she looked with the normal Baroness head.

I had to repeatedly fill the head up with hot glue, dremel some out, test fit, and repeat again, several times before getting the head to stay on and fit tight like I wanted.

The goggle strap actually broke when I was slipping it on her for the 4th or 5th time. But it wasn't a big deal. I just trimmed the sides down and they slip in between her hair and the sides of her head and stay in place a lot better than my first try. I cut the respirator away from it's original hoses and backpack, glued it onto the goggles, and made a small hole for the hose to plug into.

I also glued her straps in place. They weren't very symmetrical and just didn't look right at first. Then I trimmed down her arm pegs so her hands fit a little more snug against lower arms.

This is my favorite Baroness figure now. I'd still like to find some red feet like the Cobra Diver's, only smaller, that I can stick on her so she can have removable swimfins like all the other divers and frogman.

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