Head, Torso and Legs: 5 Pack Shipwreck
Forearms: Comic Pack Shipwreck
Hands: 25th Singlepack Shipwreck

Life Vest and Hook: Comic Pack Shipwreck
Pistol: Some Pirates OTC figure.

The moment I saw a picture of this shipwreck online I knew I would have to swap out his arms. Everything else on this figure was way superior to the first single pack version except for those scrawny, little boy arms.

Luckily the comic version's arm's skintone matches perfectly. He looks alot stronger and bulkier now and more likely to actually be able to hurt someone with just a single punch. Just like in the cartoon.

I wish his pant legs were more flared out and bell-bottom looking like the other version though. But the detail and sculpting on these legs is far superior to the first one and I don't want to switch back to those anytime soon.

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