Head: 5 Pack General Hawk
Arms, Torso and Lower Legs: Breaker
Uper Legs: Either Clutch or Steeler
Hands: Stalker Ultimate Battle Pack

Webgear: I think Stalker Ultimate Battle Pack
Helmet: Rock N' Roll
Headset; Breaker's, cut in half and glued together, then glued to the helmet.

The moment I got Hawk out of the package, I started parting him out for other customs. The head I knew instantly would make a better Breaker than my last attempt. And I decided to give him a very very faint five o'clock shadow to make him look a little more like a cross between the comicbook look and his cardback and vehicle box art appearances.

I'm sure that as more parts come available, alot of my original 13 will get updated again, but for now I am pretty damn happy with how they've been turning out.

FYI: You can also see I changed my RAM Cycle a tiny bit. Once I got a bunch of H.I.S.S. decals from cobra stickers, I ended up pulling out my gas cap plug that was hiding where I cut off the handlebars, and instead used the control panel decal from the H.I.S.S. turret, as it matches the decal used on the original RAM.

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