1983 Cover Girl Arms, Torso, Waist, Upper Legs
2005 Baroness Hair
POTC (Zazzle) Elizabeth Swann Head (modified neck post)
MXS Rider Lower Legs

I have to agree with everyone else that Hasbro just can't get Cover Girl right. I guess it is better for the customizers out there who have done a great job with their recreations. Anyway, I wanted to keep her original look and the body was a pretty good sculpt. However, the head was too big and manly for being a former model and her boots were way too clunky. Finding a different set of lower legs was easy as I had already done my Tiburon figure and the MXS boots were perfect and more realistic in terms of tanker boots or just a better boot than the original. The head was a more difficult challenge to find. Ultimately I was able to acquire a Zazzle POTC Elizabeth Swann figure and had hoped that all I had to do was modify a neck joint and use it as is. Not the case as her pirate hat is glued on and the top of her head is flat. Now I had to look for some hair. I have a couple of Baroness V1 hairs, but I wanted something different and eventually found the 2005 Baroness which again I used the head for Raven and the hair for Cover Girl. I mixed some paints to give her an auburn color and modified an ARAH neck post to splice into the Zazzle neck which is a neck with top ball joint. Blended it in and touched up the paint on the overall figure. This is a great update to Cover Girl, looks awesome next to my updated Scarlett and updated comic pack Lady Jaye, and a nice addition to my Femme Fatale Collection.

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