1986 Strato Viper Body
2005 Baroness Head (modified neck ball)
1984 Spirit Hair

While I was looking through the archives for inspiration on an update for ACE, I came across Doc Rob's Slipstream and he mentioned the episode, which I also remember, "In the presence of mine enemies". In it Slipstream crash lands on an island Cobra base with a Strato Viper who just happens to be a girl named Raven and that he hoped to put a submission of her out. Not to long after, Surburbanator submitted a very nice one using 25th Anniv. parts. Being the guy I am and loving ARAH thought what the heck, let's give this a shot.

Now the Strato Viper body is a pretty good mold and I didn't think I would need much feminine detail since it is a pressure suit. The head presented a little bit of challenge though. I bored out the original Strato Viper head which was my first try with this technique and I have to say it was pretty cool. However, it was just a tad bit too small and I had to remove some of the back and rebuild it with kneadatite to fit the new head. The 2005 Baroness head was a perfect choice for its size. It fits the hair of Spirit with a little kneadatite to fill in the back of the head by the pig tails and that it fits really well into the modified Strato Viper helmet. I modified the neck joint to a ball, added some detail to the body and painted the helmet and there you have it, one more female character to my growing collection of Femme Fatales collection and an interesting one at that.

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