1984 Baroness Head and Arms
1984 Wild Weasel Torso and Legs
1985 Keel Haul Waist
MXS Rider Helmet (Modified)
1984 Ripcord Air Mask
Joe Hose
Sandwich Tie Wire

I've been working on this figure for awhile now. Ever since I did the diver version I wanted to see her displayed in another specialty. Putting the parts together was easy, but finding a helmet was the hard part. I've used a MXS rider helmet before to update the Lady Jaye helmet that came with her DTC release. I really didn't like the green helmet she came with and the MXS helmet was easy to work with. The problem with the Baroness is her hair because it flows to her shoulders and makes it hard to fit a helmet on her head. Turns out the MXS helmet is flexible enough and has tons of material to dremel out as to keep from altering its shape. However, it still is a dirt bike helmet and needed some more work. In comes some Kneadatite for the helmet lights, accessory pack, and mask straps. Shortened the bill and added the Ripcord airmask, but it didn't have the hose since I used it for Wild Weasel. I improvised some Joe Hose and wrapped the sandwich tie wire around it to give it the ribbing and overlaid another tie wire for the Comm cord. Hand drew the knee pad details and there you have it. A new look for Baroness sporting Pilot Gear with a very lovely Firebat.

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