1984 Baroness Head and Torso (Modified)
1983 Torpedo Arms
2005 Footloose Waist
1986 Wet Suit Upper Legs
MXS Rider Lower Legs
Glasses: 2004 V6 Baroness
Belt: MU Black Widow (Lengthened)
Trench: SW Cade Skywalker
Trench Belt: ST/POC Belt Pieces
Auto 9mm: Marauder "Gun Runners"
HK MP7: Marauder "Gun Runners"

I started on this version of Baroness early in my collection, but set her aside on the WIP shelf and finished my other two versions (diver and pilot) before this one. Since I had already done an updated Scarlett in ROC style, I wanted to do something similar to Baroness with that ROC vibe, but by not reusing the same old parts that she has. Since there are not that many female torsos out there, selection is limited and in comes kneadatite. I wanted that movie look and Sienna Miler's look has a corset. Diligently filling in the horizontal lines of the torso without increasing the girth was challenging, but rewarding after sculpting the vertical lines for the corset and achieving a whole new look. Using the Wetsuit upper legs keep her consistent with the other two looks that I have already done and the 2005 Footloose waist is the perfect size for female ARAH female torsos and removes the last signs of Cobra affiliation. I added the MU Black Widow belt that was extended in the back to completely set her in the ROC look. Torpedo's arms are also perfect for females especially if you're looking to give her that catsuit look. I love using the MXS rider boots as they give her that "Kick Butt" feel. Finally, in order to take her to the next level and complete the movie feel, I had to find a trench and Cade Skywalker's is perfect, not only in look but also fit. I had to do a little trimming around the collar to get it to fit under her hair and added a belt. The belt was easily achievable with the tip of a POC Elizabeth Swan belt and two ST belts that I cut up and rearranged to make one solid belt with a nanite weapon remote and two holsters for her 9mm auto pistols. I also wanted her to have that capability of transition glasses. Well, the only way I could achieve this was to overlay some glasses on to the molded glasses of the figure. Low and behold, the 2004 Baroness glasses are a perfect fit and I can have her looking like she has clear glasses or tinted. Paint is simply model master's flat black with silver accents sealed in MM semi-gloss. It doesn't photograph very well (looks more like gloss), but in person she has that shiny pleather look like she did in the movie. This one definitely took awhile, but all in all I love this ROC inspired ARAH style figure and is tops in my femme fatale collection.

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