1985 Snake Eyes head, torso, arms, waist
2005 Gung Ho leg set
Dr. Doom Hood (modified)
Blade Trench Coat

Safari Ltd. White Wolf

1985 SE pack
Marauder Inc. Scimitar
Dr. Doom Leg thingy
2001 Cobra Commander Uzi
2005 Footloose knife

I wanted to be able to display Snake Eyes in different looks if I wanted to. It is basically a LBC with an attempt to reach for some more realism. I changed out the lower legs of the '85 Snake Eyes with a '05 Gung Ho Leg Set to give the pants look he had in the ROC movie. Found an old Dr. Doom 6" figure and dremeled out the hood and added some kneadatite to extend it past SE's face blending it in and working it to be thin enough but not too thick. The hood looks much better in profile than straight on, but what can you do for a removable hood. Dr. Doom's leg piece made for a nice knife sheath and detonator bandoleer. I used a Blade trench which not only looks good with or without the hood but also gives me the ability to display SE without his pack and keep his Scimitar still sheathed to his back. I know very Blade like, but still cool.
Now, I have never been really happy with the scale of Timber in any of the releases. I've done some research on male Timber/ Gray wolves and they can get as big as 3 ft to the shoulder and almost 6 ft long. Basically they are big and the normal Hasbro Timber would really just be a puppy. Safari LTD puts out some really nicely detailed animals and most of them are pretty much to Joe scale. In comes my new and more realistic Timber. If this were an adult male in scale, Snake Eyes is standing about 6 ft tall and would be what I would imagine him to be. It also adds dimension when I put him side by side to Scarlett who I would imagine to be a little smaller than him. I know Snake Eyes has been done so much, but I got to have him in my collection. Hope you enjoy.

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