Head - Para Viper
Torso/Arms/Legs - City Strike Duke
Feet - SW Obi Wan

Rifle - CS Duke
Coat - Cobra Commander
Pistol - Pit Commando

File Name: Longstreet, James
Primary Military Specialty: Urban Warfare
Secondary Military Specialty: Hand To Hand Combat Instructor
Birthplace: Miami, FL
SN# 456-72B-89R

SLICK's original codename was COUNTERSTRIKE. He came up with the codename himself. He said any strike an Alley Viper came up with, he could counter it because he is faster and better than anyone else. He would also say "There is the best, and then there is me!"

The other Joe's kept calling him SLICK behind his back to make fun of him. His codename became official when General Hawk addressed him as SLICK during a briefing before an operation in an Asian city.

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