Head: Home Cast of Viper
Torso: Cross Hair
Arms: Cross Hair
Waist: Cross Hair
Legs: Cross Hair
- Web Gear / Belt: Cross Hair
- Flashlight: Loop's "Snow Police" (heh heh)
- Rifle: Chief Torpedo

The Bush-Viper Commandos are an elite sub-group of Cobra's Forest Troopers. More lightly equipped and better trained than their more conventional peers, their primary functions are to conduct reconnaissance for the main body of Bush-Vipers or to execute lightning raids on small targets in or near forest environments. A tour with the Commandos is often a stepping stone to more specialised future operations as Night- or Scout-Vipers.

* photo 2 shows a Bush-Viper Commando (in this case a Lt) briefing a Bush-Viper 2Lt (Platoon Commander) and a Bush-Viper comms operator.

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