head - duke
helmet - inferno
torso - inferno
arms - sigma strike duke
lower legs - arctic snakeyes
feet - cobra commander
shoulder pad - lego bionicle
vest - made from drawer liner using shockblast vest template
grand slam bandoleers, and arctic duke rocket launcher


He spent most of his youth in the woods of Maine. As the middle son of a long line of bootleggers, smugglers and poachers he was well aware of the need to get tough and hone the survival techniques he had developed into his trademark. Rather than joining the family business, he opted for joining the Army. His training evaluation had excellent and perfect marks. His disciplinary file, however, is the exact opposite. He was given an option to avoid court martial, The Slaughterhouse... He mentioned once it was the most fun he has had in his life. It's in his nature to push everything to its limit, which made him the perfect field tester for any arctic equipment the Joe team is working on. If it still works after a week it's good to go active. His preferred vehicle was the Dominator. Avalanche, along with most of the BF2K unit, was KIA during the liberation of Benzheen.

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