head - shipwreck - in an attempt to close his mouth I ended up slicing off the entire jaw, so from the mustache down is resculpted
torso - destroy
coat - duke
hat - My Little Pony Ponyville "special delivery"
lower legs - lt stone

I inherited my Flagg from a friend that moved, I never had v1 Keel Haul but I did get the Battle Corps version, so I based mine off that one.

Before assuming command the U.S.S. Flagg, Keel-Haul earned a reputation as one of the best F-4 Phantom pilots in the Naval air force. Cool under pressure is an Understatement of his skills. He was more than capable of the seemingly impossible task of landing his fighter on a carrier's deck at night and he did it having most of his instruments damaged from a dogfight. Those that witnessed the feat claim that when he walked off, he didn't seem bothered by the experience at all. His great knowledge of military history and chess have gotten his carrier group out of tight situations. He is always willing to double as an extra fighter pilot.

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