originally the villain (guy) Kadaj from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children by Play Arts Kai
sculpted breasts and shoulder pads
belt from stealth sigma6 hitech

one thing I am doing is replacing repaint squads with other characters, either later incarnations or other franchises for this I made Helix my Night Force Psyche-Out

For years Hawk disavowed any knowledge of a Black Bag ops specialist by the codename Helix. Sparse interactions with fringe members of the team and hushed mentions and questions of who Helix was where often met with knowing glances to change the subject. Helix was first made a known and exposed member, training others in the stealth tech gear in the Egypt PITT bunker. Agent Helix was instrumental in aiding the liberation of those held prisoner in the Viper Pit. Her position among them has helped bridge the gap that was created with their mission statement to ultimately deface and eventually replace GIJoe. Outback, Repeater and Falcon joined up with the Phoenix Guard to help support General Rey as their ranks swelled to include those that Cobra had captured to infiltrate, but also those that had not been indoctrinated.

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