Most of this is made from a Killer Whale Hovercraft and a Tactical Battle Platform.
I have added a sub from the top of the Cobra Hammerhead, a jet ski from the Cobra BUGG, arm from a Mobile Command Center and a customized Devilfish

I had a hard time choosing which to put this under. Vehicle or Playset?
This thing is so huge that I decided to go with playset.

I used the bottom skirt and front end off of a Killer Whale, Dremeled the rest away and added the base from the Tactical Battle Platform.

I added a deck to the right side using the ramp from the Battle Platform and added the crane from the Mobile Command Center as well, which will pick up the mini sub from the middle of the playset and set it in the water or pick the Devilfish out and set it on the deck. I have ladders on both sides for divers to come and go. In the hold at the front there is a jet ski stored, which is removable.

There is also a missle launcher mounted under the just under the deck where the dual cannon is mounted.

About everything else on the platform part of it is stock.

And, no, it doesnt really float.

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