This is our gi joe cobra throne room enviroment with our wave 2 of custom gi joe marvel legends style 6 to 8 inch 1:12 scale gi joe action figures. These are the wave 2 2.0 versions of the hooded cobra commander, female cobra, and cobra infantry soldier. Used various parts from the smaller joe line and the marvel legends line and others to make the throne room. Also featured is the world address from cobra.

Currently pictured with the throne room enviroment are our wave 1 2.0 gi joe cobra marvel legends size 6 to 8 inch 1:12 scale gi joe action figures customs. These were made as a cross between the original figure, the 25th anniversary figure, the pictures on the card finally the 12 inch side show figures. Behind the throne is cobras flag. The figures are fully poseable and articulated. We are attempting to make every figure from 1982 through 1988 in a 6 to 8 inch scale. Wave 3 will be out shortly in June or July. Also see our vamp mark 1

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