Bruce Wayne and Alfred - Star Trek figures
Bat Computer - lid of microwaveable food keeper (monitor), Star Trek figure accessories (chair and computer board)
Giant penny and Joker Card - images courtesy of Iron Cow
Platform - Star Trek teleportation platform

When Springfield was taken down, Cobra went to Gotham City to find refuge. But Batman would not cradle terrorists in his city. Desperate, Cobra Commander formed an alliance with Ra's Al Ghul to destroy Batman. Intel coming from the G.I. Joe team informed Batman about the threat. But too late, Cobra acquired Batman's true identity and launched an attack on Wayne Manor. The mansion was destroyed, and Batman's only refuge is the Bat Cave. In the end, Batman is once again triumphant against Ra's Al Ghul and Cobra during the battle in the Bat Cave. Duke assured Bruce Wayne his secret will be safe with the G.I. Joe team.

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