This is my Diorama cobra temple playset. Its over 6 ft. high and 6 ft. long and 8 feet deep. Its mostly made up of foamboard pvc for the pillars. The mountain is made from blue construction foam. The guns are made from spray can caps and pvc along with foamboard. I have used dowel rods and along with tons of random action figure/ toy playset parts. I have constructed many of the bases main features out of everyday household item. Different toy lines that I have used are Gi joe, star wars, legos, playmobil, lionel g scale train, transformers, Robocop, chap mei, WCW playset parts. ect....

I first drew up plans and made this cobra temple about 7 years ago. However it was only the front section. If you look back at my cobra temple project that I posted a few years back you can see the original design. Over the past few years I have added two extension wings along with watch towers and a fully functional train. I have revamped and updated several old rooms and added a lot more detail in certain spots. It is equipped with LED lights and over 30 rooms, all of which have opening doors. The rooms include the motor pool with docking bay area, barracks, communications room, the boat docks along with submarine bay with my custom cobra Sea Serpent, armory and range, jail, dungeon, boiler room, toxic waste pit and toxo lab, Cobra meeting and dining room, a updated safe/ vault, Dr. Mindbenders lab, B.A.T factory and assembly room, and of course, a thrown room for Cobra Commander. Also I have added the power station that ties in with the quarry. You will also find a Zombie compound z station, along with Commanders office.

I strictly collect ARAH figures and collect and customize my own figures. You will see throughout the temple several custom figures, some of which I made others I have bought from other collectors. This project has taken up a lot of my time and money but in the end can you really put a price on one's life's work. If you would like to see more photos of this you can see it on hisstank or visit my photobucket account. PM me for the link.

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