Packaging from Nest Thermostats for walls and floor
Granny grate on floor and over window
Silver disc is from a can of mixed nuts
Tubing along the floor and wall is wire cover
Modules on top of wall are each half of a Whirlwind gun
Bottom wall piece is random spring launcher
Hammock hangers on wall from doll packaging
Storage containers: Star Wars and cast pieces

This is just one of many of the rooms on Odal Kinal's ship. Nearly all are identical and can function in whatever way Odal Kinal needs.

I created this to be an all-around kind of diorama piece. It can work as a storage unit, a prisoner-holding cell, or whatever I need it to be.

I used as many found materials as I could starting with the packaging from the Nest thermostats. From there I just added on till it felt finished.

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