Kenner Star Wars Cantina
3D Print of the Kenner Wild West Cafe door
Insulation foam for extended floor, bar wall, and bread oven
Foamboard for exterior walls and fireplace
Tongue depressers for bar shelves and oven paddle
Michael's brick sidewalk and scale 2x4 for chimney
Tea lights and lego bits
Diamond Select Muppets Swedish Chef pots and pans
Harry Potter Potions Class
DNL beer barrel and mugs
Every single glass, bottle, and goblet I own
Michaels' doll house cookies
Fairy pipestove

You really can't have a fantasy D&D campaign without the typical tavern and inn. It just so happened that one of the people in our party came into owning the deed of one which she turned into a bakery.

At some point I started looking at the Kenner Star Wars Cantina playset wishing it had functional depth instead of cardboard backdrops. I kind of built it like a movie set where all the walls are removable so I could shoot things at different angles. Its footprint is no wider than the cantina itself when it is disassembled and laid flat.

Did it need a brick pizza/bread oven? Probably not, but I was trying to show someone how easy the foam is to carve and age. It turned into a one day build that included adding the tea light fire.

I must have tried 15 coats of burnt orange trying to match the faded, surn burnt orange of the aged Cantina playset and this is the closest I could get. It is ok when dimly lit for scneic shots, but with full lighting you can see it is a few shades too bright. Normaly in that scenario, I'd repaint everything so it would match better. However, as luck would have it, expanding the building for some other merchants is already built into the game play story. So yes, let's go with that. They had trouble matching the old blood stained, beer and grease covered flooring.

Knowing our luck, the place will blow up during our next adventure...and will probably be our fault.

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