Insulation foam
Foam board for gangway
Duct tape
Bird house

After all the problems I had photographing Depth Charge with the Devastator hydro blaster in the pool, I knew I needed a better approach for the Heart Drencher jet ski. Something anchored or tethered or...docked. Earlier in the summer I was able to use a piece of foam to make a towable ride-on float, the Wave Smacker. Some carving, 4 coats of paint, and two coats of sealant later and I had a dock. The foam board was great because I could cut into the bottom of the ends so it could lay flush with the dock and the edge of the pier/pool. A strip of black duct tape was used to simulate the non-slip surface tape. I painted the bird house so it looked run down and sun faded.

It was still really hard. Not as hard as before. But you ever hear about the pebble and the ripples. Well water droplets and every single movement knocked things around. I tried to not use stands and it became obvious that was stupid.

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