Party - random Risk soldiers, hidden Adventures knight, and Ashako Tano micro figure

Sword Mountains - Pink insulation foam carved and painted by the SnapChatTikTok Addict

Dragon Wagon - Hotwheels red wagon with Corps hand crossbow and farm horses

Moorbonder panther, Mammoths, Griffon lion body, and Giant Elk (wild shaped Centaur Druid) - Jungle toys tiger bucket

Amazonian Artificer with Force Cannon and War Trike - Polly pocket (her goggles are around here somewhere)

Smokey the Owlbear, Joe Momma, Captain Chaos paladin, Man with No Name, and Goblin with spear sculpted.

Goblin cart, Owlbear cart, and Ox drawn cart - custom built with added kibble.

Griffon - Fortnite figure wings, rubber eagle head and claws

Hill Giant (unused during the session) Mega Construx Prince Adam with Fisto head and Imaginext club

Yeti Howdah and War Bard from the College of Flames - Micro Machines Wampa with N scale train rider with sculpted lute and hot glue flames.

"Some people prefer theater of the mind, others go with a virtual tabletop, but not pluv. He's like, 'Hey guys, I've got a sandbox.'" - drbindy

I've been planning a wagon heist one-shot session for several months. The twist is that they'd be doing the transporting ala Smokey and the Bandit. Schedule conflicts and what not just gave me more time to keep tweaking things. Maybe too much time as I was tweaking things right up until the start of the session.

We've been doing a lot of virtual table top sessions through Owlbear, but for this I wanted to try something different and give the group an actual tabletop with miniatures experience. Luckily I have a lot of toys for my toys and most of it was pretty easy. The only things I bought were the trees and an Oakenbolter mini just because it looked really cool and I knew exactly how I wanted to use it.

Overall the session was a success. In retrospect, I wish I had the map camera on a moving rig so I could swing it around so everyone could see everything. Oh and I should have used foam sheets instead of felt. The felt stuck onto everything making the modular settings a little harder to manipulate without snagging onto a mini and toppling things over.

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