Repainted Adventure Force Jeep Overlander Play Vehicle.The jeep was dissembled and the foot wells had to be cut out to fit a 1:18th scale figure. To make the snorkel I used a black plastic coathanger. I cut the clothes hanger into the shapes I wanted and used a dremel to sand and sculpt the pieces to fit together. The pieces had there centers drilled out and were pegged together with some left over mode kit sprue before being super glued into their final formation. To attach the snorkel to the jeep two holes were drilled into the front left side of the snorkel, 1/8th of an inch apart, and two 1/2" long sprue pegs were glued into the holes drilled into the snorkel. Two holes were then drilled in the side of the jeep above the fender in the desired position 1/8th of an inch apart and the pegs of the snorkel were slotted in but not glued in place. The long pegs are enough to hold the snorkel securely in place with nothing but friction.

To help Recondo move around the Savannah's of Africa, the rocky terrain of the Australlian Outback, and the various jungles of the world the Joes converted a consumer level Jeep into a vehicle worthy of the Adventure Team. Equipped with a tent, observation stand, snorkel, and several other add ons from the sport of off-roading, the Joe's were able to make a relatively inexpensive vehicle that can survive the harshest of conditions. The Recon Jeep provides Recondo with the speed, maneuverability, and accommodations he needs to track and observe Cobra forces on the move for days at a time in the most remote and wild locations on earth.

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