G scale Big Haulers train set

Steam Engine- I first removed the front cattle catcher guard because it looked to "western". Then the most challenging part was removing the canopy to extend it so an actual GI Joe fig could fit inside. After removing it I used Plexiglas strips cut with a dremel and raised it about an inch and a quarter. After making careful cuts and gluing them in place it slid on perfectly. I then wanted to give it the WW2 look so I added the anti-tank shields on the front of the engine. I then painted with dull black and added decals.

Coal Car- I was going for a dark grey/blue color because I felt it was appropriate for both Cobra and the ww2 feel. I then made up my own decal using chap mei C-130 stickers along with cobra symbols. I did not want to use other decals from other vehicles.

Flatbed- Painted brown and custom made an AA gun. The AA gun was an idea I liked from the get go. I made it using parts from various GI Joe toys/ fodder. I then made sandbags out of clay and painted them.

Armored Car with AA gun and 40 mm rotating canon. - Made this using basic shipping container car, along with Maggot, Armadillo, and corps tank parts. I also used the Plexiglas as well. Painted and applied stickers and various other parts.

Rail Gun- Easy car to assemble. Did away with top of a caboose car and placed the thunderclap on top of its wheel base. Had to cut with dremel housing unit for it to fit appropriately.

My most recent project of updating my Cobra Temple led me to the idea of a Cobra train set. I always loved the unproduced GI Joe train set and marveled over the pictures of it. After doing some research I realized that scale wise there was no good match for train sets in 1:18 scale. I found that the only models close to what I was looking for were playmobil and other G scale train sets. Now in my opinion I thought the PLaymobil stuff was way to out of portion to do anything with so I decided to look more into Other G-Scale sets. I wanted to go for a steam locomotive with 4 or 5 extra cars and give it a WW2 Nazi Germany look. In my joeverse I often compare Cobra as Nazi Germany, so many of my custom vehicles and figures follow suit. So I ended up buying on eBay a Big Hauler g scale train set. It came with the steam engine, coal car, flatbed, caboose and another shipping container car along with the track. When I got it I realized that there was no way 3-3/4 inch fig would fit so I then had to do modifications.

Codename: Cobra Constrictor
Cobra, one of the most powerful evil organizations known in existence. They are growing into a global empire and are rapidly expanding to all parts of the earth. With facilities and headquarters in extremely remote areas, Cobra must rely on transportation of soldiers and supplies to all locations. Since they have not yet taken over the power industry they must rely on more primitive forms of mass transport. DRB class 52 armored steam locomotive along with armored cars with heavy weapons was the best and only option. Code named the constrictor for its fast and powerful capabilities. It is equipped with a full well trained crew of cobras finest, along with heavy weapons including, several AA guns and a 40 mm rotating cannon, and a rail gun that can hit a target up to 100 miles away. It's able to transport anything from troops, supplies, vehicles and even prisoners. Cobra's experiments in mass transit looks like it could pay off if they keep producing vehicles like this. This is just another step for Cobra to achieve world domination

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