Base Vehicle: Vintage Tomahawk
Mini-guns: Marauder's
Lots of styrene plastic sheets
Lots of Green Stuff
Figure cardbacks

To go along with the AH-1 Cobra, I decided to make a troop transport helo for my Marines as well. I got the inspiration to use the Tomahawk from the gallery picture on the CobraStickers web page.
First thing was to tear the Tomahawk down to its core pieces. I removed the flight deck and cut it down so the interior cabin would have more head room, leaving just the pilots seats and a small portion behind the cockpit. I used a couple of figure card backs to make another floor for the interior that is lower. I removed the bomb wings and on the port side cut a window and on the starboard side I cut a people door.

I cut the guns from the pedestals and replaced them with the Maruader mini-guns and positioned them pointing out the newly cut window and door.

I moved the winch from the bottom of the fuselage to the overhead in the troop compartment and cut a "Hell hole" into the bottom so troops could fast rope out the bottom.

I removed the tailfan and covered the space with styrene plastic.

To keep the tail ramp from dropping down too low, I added some wires to hold it in place.

I filled in the holes for the rear stabilizers with Green Stuff, as well as the depressions for the large missiles the mount the lower corners and the area around where the chin turret mounted.

Using the sheets of styrene plastic, I made covers for the large holes on the sides of the fuselage. I made a frame work to give them some rigidity and then some Green Stuff to add to it (first time using the stuff, I over did it) for strength. The panel on the port side is fitted in place permanently, but the Starboard side is removable. The windows are traced from quarters.

I cut the section of the flooring that has the seats mounted to it and affixed them to the port side of the interior and they can be removed.

Like the AH-1 Cobra, I gave it the Western European Marine camo scheme.

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