Base Vehicle: Retaliation Ninja Cruiser
Rear Bumper, Water Cans, Smoke Grenade Launchers, Spare Tire, Fender Shovel: PoC VAMP
Decals: VAMP Mk II decals from Cobra Stickers

The VAMP has been the work horse vehicle for the G.I*JOE team since the beginning and has gone through many incarnations. With the nature of warfare getting more dangerous with Cobra developing newer, more dangerous weapons and defenses, the Joes needed a new vehicle to handle the load, and the next generation of VAMPs were created. Like their predecessors, the vehicles can be configured with many different weapons systems and can fill a variety of rolls.

Since I decided to make a Modern Era version of Tan Clutch, I figured he need an upgrade to the VAMP Mk II. I tried to match the colours of the vintage Mk II as closely as possible.

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