Main Vehicle: Tigerfly
Tail Rotor: From hobby shop

The Bell AH-1 Cobra has been in use since the Vietnam war and is still going strong in the United States Marine Corps with upgrades to the weapons systems, avionics, engines and fuselage. This was found to be more cost effective than going to a hole new aircraft design. The current airframe even has 85% commonality with the UH-1 Huey so parts can be swapped between the helicopters.
When Snake Bite and Blade Runner were recruited to the Joe team, they brought their assigned AH-1 with them and it was retro fitted to meet the needs of the Joe team.

I cut off the second vertical stabilizer as well as the end of the tail boom. I found a rotor blade that was the right size at a hobby shop and used the cut off tip of a pen for the rotor hub. I cleaned the fuselage off and gave it the West European Marine camo scheme. I believe I got the custom decals from J_man.

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