World Peacekeeper Military Buggy
Grill from an original Awe Striker
Engine and seats from a Dodge Viper die cast
Steering wheel from Retaliation Ninja Combat Cruiser

This was made for the PHX Customs project Retro Toy Chest.

I had a lot of Transformers as a kid. While bigger bots like Optimus, Rodimus, and Ultra Magnus got all the glory, there were a few smaller guys that I cherished just as much and used heavily in my daily battles. Beachcomber is one of those small heroes. I vividly remember using him as one of my favorites and he was often found inside Optimus' trailer with Bumblebee. This custom brings back some great memories. The bird was added as a little extra touch of nostalgia and as a nod to the episode titled "The Golden Lagoon", which is Oreobuilder's favorite. While the original Beachcomber was a bit of a pacifist and did not have a gun mounted on top, I decided to arm him with the idea of this being a GI Joe crossover version of the AWE Striker.

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