Rolling Thunder:
Sigma Six Dragon Hawk
POC HISS treads x 2
Original Rolling Thunder missiles
Halo guns
Halo Gauss canon with Rolling Thunder gun barrel added
Halo Warthog missile upgrade apparatus

Scout Vehicle:
Die cast Halo Warthog
POC Steel Marauder

I have had the idea for a dual tracked piece of armor for a while now. Originally, this vehicle was mocked up using a Retaliation HISS tank body and was meant to be a Cobra tank for Resurgence 2. I ended up scrapping it to make the HISS Mk IV. One day during the long build process for my Resurgence 3 ideas, I decided to see what I could do with the Sigma Six Dragon Hawk and it seemed to be pretty neat. I worked out some armaments and it kind of fell into place. The scout vehicle does not fit inside like the original Rolling Thunder, but it still adds play value. Bucky helped me out with a driver for the scout vehicle as I was pretty well buried in a long custom queue and he came up with a great character and figure.

Art by Sam Panico

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