Used a 1:12 scale boat boat as a base. Devil Fish boat based on the GI JOE 1986 series Marvel Legends style in a 6" Inch 1:12th Scale.

Custom prepared and painted with professional non toxic sculpy and water based acrylic paints. D&D CUSTOMS PRESENTS - CUSTOM GI JOE MARVEL LEGENDS BLACK SERIES STYLE 6" 1:12th SCALE DEVIL FISH

Started this project a few years ago. All accessories are removable and mostly detach. Interior modified to fit the custom Joes and added the 50 caliber machine gun. Custom painting and color washing, and sticker decals converting 3&3/4 inch 1:18th GI Joe and Cobra line of the 1982 through 1988 series into a 6" inch 1:12th scale line. Almost finished with just a few more Joes left to go to complete the set

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