Lanard Sky Strike jet, Tamiya smoky clear spray paint, Gundam panel lining and weathering markers, Skystriker replacement labels, WWII-inspired stickers

The recent Lanard 'Time Crisis' line has yielded some really interesting World War II-esque planes that have been significantly updated with modern additions. It's a fun line! Following the Beast Bomber in the line, I found it pretty funny their new plane was is called the 'Sky-Strike'!

I really loved the air racing aesthetic of this jet - it's like a cross between the P-51 Mustang and the F-86D Sabre Dog. The original toy had a very clear canopy, which I wanted to make much easier to see, so the Tamiya smoky spray was applied to make it darker, and gave the panels a fair bit of weathering. I used a spare set of the 'shark mouth' stickers I had for the Warhawk and applied them to the jet intake at the front of the jet, and applied Skystriker stickers - I was particularly happy with the black 'Gi Joe' labels along the side of the cockpit, which fit far better than I could have hoped for, and the reversed classic jet intake stickers where the wing meets the fuselage of the plane, adding to the racing feel of the plane. I also added some WWII Vargas-girl inspired stickers to give the plane an antique feel - I thought the 'Wolfess' sticker was particularly apt for what I wanted to name this plane!

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