Wood, glue,

I used the stickers and anchors from the original FLAGG. The rest is made from wood. I wanted to buy one my whole life and never did. I decided to make one and added in more play value. I designed the flight deck to launch two planes and not just one. I added a hangar deck below the flight deck. There's also a well deck on the back to dock the W.H.A.L.E and two devil fish. The crane works and so does the torpedo launcher. I just made it air powered. It has about the same footprint as the original toy but with below deck play value. The front has a panel that lifts to raise and lower the two anchors. I tried to mimic the Flagg aircraft carrier design but only the stickers and anchors came from the toy. Please look for more on imgur as well as YouTube. Just search custom G.I.Joe Flagg aircraft carrier

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