Cobra Sting Raider w/Krylon blue paint. Simple repaint and stickers.

This update was a long time coming. Although the Water Moccasins have done a great job for years, they needed updates. This new MARS version features beefed up more durable parts and heavier weaponry. The new V2 has an upgraded more powerful engine and fan system, with better blades for quieter operation and more survivability in combat. The V2 also features upgraded front cannons, and turret cannons, as well as armored cockpit glass and hull. The best modification is in the drone. What was previously a ski based torpedo has now been turned into a lethal drone. The Mini-moccasin can be deployed with an effective range of 25 miles. It can be controlled by HUD from the driver or gunner spot and can be used for information gathering or kamakaze style runs by using its onboard ordinance to destroy itself and any small to medium size target it encounters.

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