Main Gun: 3.75" Captain America: The First Avenger Grapple Cannon
Missile: Dollar Tree Final Faction Exo-Suit Claw Attachment
Main Body: G.I.Joe Retaliation Ninja Commando 4X4
Foot Locker/Backpack: World Peacekeepers

This vehicle custom was done many years ago and is one of two reasons why I don't do vehicle customs anymore. It is simply sub-par. It's not horrible...just not very good. Keep in mind this was done many years before the 2015 G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary F.O.E Striker. The main reason I even attempted this custom at all was because I got tired of yet one more A.W.E. Striker reissue. And a ninja vehicle at that! Nah, not for me. I wanted to see a desert-variation of the Striker. I thought it would be cool to try to show caked sand stuck in the tire treads and seat-cushions. That was the overriding visual that I had in mind for the vehicle. I also wanted the paint job to take center stage instead of an over abundance of stickers. The "G.I.Joe" logo on the hood is one of a very few stickers.

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