Fisher-Price Vans (one Mobile TV crew, one Daredevil Sportsvan combined)
Overhead lights: Animal Planet truck, with Star Wars Comm Chip stand
Whalefin: Door pull, cut shorter
Brush bar: Animal Planet truck

A-Team Van
Ground Transportation Vehicle
The A-Team


Arguably the true star of the show, the A-Team's van was just as iconic as any of the actors/characters.


In the show the van was a 1983 GMC Vandura; in the film it was a similar 1994 Chevrolet G20 (according to jerrygarrett's wordpress site, as I know nothing about automobiles). Knowing nothing about them made it very easy for me to use a Fisher-Price adventure people van for the base. It doesn't have the same lines as the Vandura or the G20. It doesn't even have a sliding side door. But it's a 1:18 van so it got the job.

The overhead light set has five lights (take that, Captain Picard) instead of four. The brush bar is oversized, but it only makes the van look beastier.

Likewise, not all of the customs will even fit inside of the van. Hannibal's jacket keeps his legs from moving, so he's related to "coming out of the ramp" forever.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the show/film. The red stripe is overall narrow and doesn't taper as it declines. It also starts further back to stay behind the extra row of windows, which the tv/film versions didn't have.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The whale fin is a cut down door handle. The overhead lights and brush bar are from an Animal Planet truck. The lights were glued to the Star Wars action figure stand, then to the roof. The brush bar was added to the grill through holes drilled for it to fit.

Thanks for looking.

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