-NKOK Realtree 1:18 Scale: UTV from Amazon

-Dollar Tree Final Faction ATV for missile launcher frame

For Missile Launcher:
-Power team elite/Joyin accessories. An M40 grenade launcher ammo box and An antitank missile or morter launcher.
-2 legos a 2 x 1 lego block and a lego 6048u Arm with pin and 2 fingers piece
-Crafter's Square red circle Jewel sticker sheet from Dollar Tree for infrared lens
-Black pvc placemat from dollar tree for side details
-Oversized scope from a GI Joe missile launcher

After a tough battle in a densely forest in the Pacific Northwest where the smaller Hiss tank out maneuvered and out performed the larger GI Joe tanks it was decided by Joe leadership that the Joe's needed a smaller stealthier antitank platform to combat the Hiss.

Inspired by the hit and run tactics used in the Ukraine war to take on the superior tanks of Russia using UTVs; General Hawk commissioned the construction of the Fox.

The Fox is based on a consumer level, electric, Utility Terrain Vehicle kitted out with a TOW Antitank missile system. The Fox's 110 HP electric engine has lightning quick acceleration and is capable of a top speed of 60 MPH with a range of 80 miles per charge with its 29.8 kWh Lithium Ion Batteries..

The Fox is at home going through dense off road forests and the narrow alleys of cities like Springfield. The nearly silent electric engine combined with the small platform allow the Fox to sneak up on the much louder Hiss Tanks and take them out from afar without ever being detected.

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