Paw Patrol Sky Patroller w/carrying handle removed
Kibble added to jets and body
Pilot seats, internal kibble: Defiant Complex Gantry Crawler seats
Other computer in rear: ARAH Mainframe
Rear seat, flight deck kibble: ARAH ???
Engine fronts, top of fuselage lump: International Delights bottle tops

Clandestine Operations VTOL
"The Firm"

About Airwolf:

Airwolf was a 1980's CBS show about a commandeered super-helicopter stolen from the government. It was used to kill some people, and then the government re-captured it. But the re-capturing pilot then kept it for himself, believing it was too dangerous for the government to have.

The actual Airwolf helicopter was a "cosmetically modified Bell 222" (wikipedia) made to look meaner and sleeker.

Set that aside for a moment, and we'll talk about the colors, after we talk about the Howler...

About the Howler:

There were a few good things in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The best thing was the Howler. It was the VTOL aircraft that looked like a silver, windowless V22 Osprey without Rotors had baby with a shiny 1950's jet. If there's a GI Joe vehicle that needs to be made, it's the Howler. I lack the skills to modify vehicles, but the Paw Patrol Sky Patroller is similar enough. I bought one, stripped off the handle to make it look a bit more like the Howler.

Then, when it was time to go for the silver paint, I thought about Airwolf.

Why not go with Airwolf's color scheme in place of the silver? This is a great way to hybridize Airwolf and the Howler. I lack the skills to make accurate versions of either one, so why not slaughter them together?

Apparently, there's a whole debate on the internet about the colors of Airwolf. Some say it's black over grey, some say it's very dark pine green over a very light slate. There's even some who say it was repainted in-between seasons. Dark metallic charcoal over light grey works for me.


So, with the Airwolf color atop the VTOL Sky Patroller fuselage, Airwolf was "futurized" and I can keep my dreams of a more accurate silver Howler alive for another time. The kibble is an attempt to alter the look of the Paw Patrol aesthetics as much as possible.

The escort drone is an add-on, something that neither Airwolf or the Howler had. It was a small accessory that I thought could work as a drone if painted to match the Wolfhowl.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The lengthening of the engines by adding the bottle tops was the biggest exterior change. The carrying handle was removed and replaced by another part fo the bottle top to create a radar dome-thing. A few razor blade safety guards added to the top, and that's about as good as I could make it.

On the interior, the original Paw Patrol seats were cut out and replaced with the Defiant Crawler Gantry seats, plus lots of kibble here and there. It converted fairly well to 1:18 scale.

Thanks for looking.

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