xBikex- Toys R' Us Cheapo two pack

xWhen I saw this bike I knew it would fit my Nok WholeShot that I was building at the time. After looking at a couple of different color schemes I decided to just go back to my childhood when everything was done in Neons and bright colors. So I slapped on some crazy bright colors, sculpted two bags, photoshopped in the Nok symbol and there you have her, Ruthx

WholeShot was on his way to becoming one of the newest stars in the motocross world. So when he was forced to work for the Dreadnoks to pay off a debt he decided to do what comes naturally, Race. His bike Ruth, named after his dearly departed mother, God Rest her soul, was a high end racing machine. Now after a radical make over from some Nok mechanics his bike is even faster than it was before. With her two bags and hollowed out compartment under the seat Ruth is able to carry Dreadnok goods over state and international borders with no hope of being caught.

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