Mauler Tank from 1985 and parts of other toy vehicles.

Some years ago I purchased a 1985 Mauler tank with a broken turret. I removed the turret completely and gave the remaining upper part of the tank a red paint job. Then I opened a larger hole in the place where the tower had been and built a fitting box o wooden ice cream sticks. The wheels, motor and other parts were colored with aluminum paint. I added the following equipments: In the front part I added the tow equipment of a 1:18 scale Ford F 100 tow truck from Yat Ming.

The rear equipment is replaced by a crane from a Siku truck, with a black film box added as the basket. Also the equipment put right of the wooden box is from a smaller toy. The firefighter tank is part of my very special fleet of firefighter vehicles and the yellow fire fighter building made in a neo-classical style.

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